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Week Beginning 2nd November 2020

Friday 6th November

Well done to everyone for completing your week of remote learning. We are excited to see what you have been doing so bring it into school on Monday for a celebration . You have been SMART, you have been CREATIVE, you have been RESILIENT, READY, RESPECTFUL of your learning and BRAVE

I would like to award all year one children a remote learning Red Carpet round of applause! 

Today is maths games - there are suggestions on our class page but you can have fun making u your own maths games - counting, singing, adding, taking away, matching numbers, making sets, dominoes, snakes and ladders and many other games you have at home. Make us proud when you play, taking turns and helping your partners with their turn if they need it. 

Did you see some lovely fireworks yesterday? why not make your IT picutres a firework picture - try different tools. Print it off for our display   - or email to the class email and we will do the rest. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday - have a super weekend and look after each other. 

Miss Beavis and Mrs Coleman 

Thursday 5th November

Remember, remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot....THis is certainly a different Guy Fawkes Night this year. Have fun watching out of your windows tonight and count how many fireworks you can see exploding into the sky. 

How about making your own firework art work - what different ways can you find to paint, draw, print, model a firework scene.

Why not make your maths story today with fireworks - There were 6 rockets ready to go... 2 flew into the sky... how many were left?  You might like to draw some pictures to show us your story. 

Hand writing today... keep your letters sitting on a line. Remember some are tall ( sunshine letters) and some drop below the line ( water letters) Tell your adults what this means! Practise writing your name in cursive script using your reading journal to help ( page 1 ) if needed. 

Miss Beavis and Mrs Coleman are checking class emails throughout the day so let us know if you need any help. 

Good Morning Year 1,

What a strange start to our new term as we begin our work at home again. Miss Beavis and Mrs Coleman are sending good wishes to you all especially if you are feeling unwell. 

Please use the remote learning uploaded on this page to help guide your activities this week. Remember you can adapt the activities for extra practice around the house for example adding and taking away. Why not make a weather diary for the week? The wind was certainly blowing today in my garden as I hung the washing out to dry.

If you need a books to complete your work in they are available for collection  from  school . Paper packs of activities are available on request .  Email your class teacher directly on class email addresses above to let us know how we can help. 

Don't forget to bring your work into school next week so we can celebrate our stars when we all get back together

Stay safe and look after each other

Miss Beavis and Mrs Coleman


What a Wonderful Wednesday for Working Well!

Are you ready to work hard and exercise your brains today? Why don't you be the teacher in phonics and teach your adults the sounds for today - check they are saying them in the right way and then have a race to see who can write the sounds the quickest ( no cheating!!)  Ask your adult to make some word cards for Fred Talk and for your challenge today use 'and' or 'because' in your sentence. 

Why not start a weather diary today to compliment our science topic starting this week - look out of the window and see if the weather changes during the day while you enjoy being warm inside!

Stay safe and keep smiling

Miss Beavis and Mrs Coleman