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Teaching and Learning in P.E.

PE at Croyland.

At Croyland, we view PE  as being very important to each and every child’s development. Through good PE teaching we aim to create an ethos that ensures our children have healthy relationships with physical activity and exercise. Children in all key stages experience 2 hours of PE lessons a week. 1 lesson consists of outside PE and another hour takes place indoors. Year groups in KS2 also have specialised sports coaches from local sports companies who deliver high quality PE sessions. In addition to this, we promote physical activity at break and lunchtimes with a range of trim trail and gym equipment which has had a positive impact on children’s wellbeing. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our children can demonstrate good levels of physical literacy before leaving for secondary education.

EYFS and KS1

In EYFS and KS1, we aim to develop children’s agility, balance and co-ordination. We use Real PE as a teaching tool for classes in KS1. Real PE lessons focus on allowing each child to achieve at their own level whilst improving social skills and resilience. Children in KS1 also experience dance and gymnastics lessons with the specific focus on performing dances and sequencing movements. In KS1, children will also compete in simple team games and use simple tactics.


Whilst in KS2, Croyland children will combine running, catching and throwing in a range of modified sports. These include: Netball, Tag Rugby, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Athletics and Hockey. Children will also be challenged to use tactics to outwit opponents and develop strategies in team games. Swimming is also taught to all children from Years 3-6 with the expectation of all children being able to swim 25m confidently before leaving in Year 6.  In KS2 children will extend their dance and gymnastics knowledge and develop their strength and flexibility by using age appropriate apparatus.


Year 5 2017-18

Assessment date Dec 17

52 children in the year group (25b, 27g)

BOYS 50m  4                    GIRLS  50m  6

        25m  11                              25m  20

        10m  20                              10m  27

          5m  24                               5m  27

         non   1                                non  0


59.6% can swim 25m

This years data is

Year 5 2018-19

Assessment date Dec18

60 children in the year group  (34b, 26g)

BOYS    50m  14                GIRLS    50m  8

            25m  27                            25m  19

            10m  30                            10m  25

            5m   31                              5m  25

            non  3                               non  1

76.6% can swim 25m

The percentages for range of strokes will be the same (Front crawl and backstroke) as well as for perform self rescue skills. 

All children are taught to perform self rescue skills at the end of Year 5.