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Ruth Crawford is the pastoral support worker at Croyland Primary. Her role is to deliver the following interventions to support emotional literacy.

Protective Behaviours – KS1 and KS2

Protective Behaviours emphasises the right children have in relation to safety and support. Children can use the Protective Behaviours process to enhance their own safety and well-being as they face life’s challenges. This programme can be run as a whole class and small groups or individually.

Behaviour Regulation – KS1 and KS2

These sessions give a child time to explore feelings and emotions. They help the child to learn strategies to cope with their anger. The sessions can be tailor made to suit the child. There are a variety of materials/ resources available to do this.

Drawing and Talking – KS1 and KS2

A 10 week course to help children with underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and behaviour. It encourages the child to draw with a person they feel comfortable with. This person asks non-intrusive questions about the drawings. It complements the Every Child Matters agenda.

1:1 Time – KS1 and KS2

Time spent individually with a child, usually once a week. It may involve craft activities, reading stories, playing games or just time to talk. Helps children feel valued and build a relationship with a trusted adult.