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Welcome to Croyland Primary School’s website ‘Reading pages’.  

Here at Croyland we are passionate about reading, and passionate about getting our children passionate about reading too!  Reading forms the basis of a child’s education, and is an essential skill in enabling them to access learning across all the subjects taught.  But reading is so much more than that, it is a foundation of life....  Stroll with me, if you will, down my imaginary street called ‘Reading Road’......

At number 47 Dad is relaxing catching up on the Sporting news in the Sunday papers whilst Billy is busy puzzling over the instructions for his new PS3 game.  Next door, Jessica is engrossed in a book, (a French book!), borrowed from the school library and having invited friends for lunch, Mum is yet again trying to impress and attempting to follow a complex new recipe.  Across the road, the whole of the Shah family are going out for lunch and whilst Dad tries out the new sat nav, the children are responsible for map reading, but that’s fine as they can’t wait to look at the menu when they get there!  At number 61 Mrs Potocki is excitedly looking at an email from her mother telling her when she is coming to visit.  She can’t wait to email back and tell her how much Anya’s singing is improving and how she is learning the lyrics of new song right now.   Whilst two doors away, Freddie and Emily are working their way through their new lines for the school play – there are so many, will they every learn them all? Finally, in the last house on Reading Row, Sunday is games day in the Baxter house and the Jody is fathoming out the instructions for their new game of ‘Mexican Train’.

So as we see reading is happening all the time, in every language and every culture, all around us, in most of the things we do.  At Croyland we have language-rich displays on the walls in classrooms and throughout the school, all aimed at encouraging children to engage and read.  We hold many different and varied reading events aimed at encouraging all the family to be involved in reading in school, so keep an eye on these pages for news and updates. 

Reading is all about getting a message and understanding that message, but as we have seen in Reading Road, it is also about enrichment and enjoyment, and that is also what we want children to do, to enjoy reading, to get lost in a book, to be transported to a different place, to find adventure, imagination and excitement, in short to read for pleasure.  And that is very much at the forefront of the teaching of reading at Croyland.  

We do recognise though that sometimes the road isn’t always that smooth, so do take a look at the support pages and remember if you ever have any concerns about your child’s reading, please talk to their Class Teacher, we are here and always happy to help and very excited about you joining us on our....