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Our Vision

Croyland Primary School September 2019

Our ethos statement:

“A happy school where we become experts in lots of things”.


Our vision statement

A vison statement describes our destination: where we want to go and where we want to be:

Ofsted judged our school to “require improvement “in January 2018. Their recommendations are the focus of this SDIP.  At our next inspection, we hope to be evaluated as a good and improving school and one that serves its community well.  We hope that in their report, the school is celebrated because it is evident that: 

  • All children, regardless of their individual need or circumstances, are made welcome, cared for and supported to ensure that their holistic needs are met. Children are well looked after.
  • All children are supported in becoming healthy in body and mind, and demonstrate the characteristics of good citizens both in and out of school.  Children choose and maintain healthy lifestyles and make principled decisions regarding their actions.
  • The importance of education is understood by all pupils. Opportunities and experiences enrich the school day to embed a sense of ambition and a love of learning for its own sake. Children are excited by learning.
  • All pupils make good progress and are academically prepared for the next phase of their education with a growing number of pupils, year on year, demonstrating the effective education they have received here, through greater depth outcomes. Children are well prepared for the next phase of their education.
  • School leaders have developed innovative and effective approaches to learning and to meet the needs of the whole child. Leaders make a sustained and positive difference to children’s lives.
  • All teachers are ambitious for their pupils and they make the best use of tracking and assessment systems and professional development in their relentless drive for their pupils to achieve the best they can. Teachers provide highly effective teaching and personalised learning as far as is reasonably possible.
  • The teaching team provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is deepened through enrichment opportunities. This curriculum, we hope, will foster pupil interest in the world and develop new skills and grow talents. Children are interested and curious about the world in which they live and are aspirational about their future.
  • Croyland Primary School remains a happy school where children enjoy coming and being. Children are happy and come to school every day.

Our mission statement:

A mission is our core purpose; it exampling how we will get to our vision

At Croyland Primary School, staff work collaboratively, day in and day out, to ensure the highest standards of pupil achievement within a safe, inspiring and inclusive learning environment.  We also strive to develop inner confidence, foster curiosity and personal interests and encourage a wider appreciation and understanding of an ever changing world.  We value the unique characteristics of each child, and nurture their progression towards becoming positive contributors to society.