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Music at Croyland

The language of music is essentially creative and allows a freedom of expression through a medium which crosses all boundaries.

Music at Croyland Primary School

At Croyland we want musicians to be creative, unafraid to try things that are new, and enthusiastic to share their love of music with others.

By providing a creative, stimulating, challenging and yet safe environment in which to explore a wide range of musical genres, performance and composition we empower creativity hand in hand with confidence and self-esteem. Music is taught in class by a music specialist who additionally leads a wide variety of extra-curricular groups throughout the week. In line with the National Curriculum all children complete units from Charanga; enjoying the opportunity to explore their musicianship through singing, playing classroom instruments, composing, and thinking critically about music. Each unit of work builds step by step with time to review and practise and time to try new skills. Children learn how music is created using the interrelated dimensions of music to address pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure. They explore appropriate vocabulary to describe and compare music across a broad range of styles, genres and musical traditions including the great composers and musicians.

Children learn to communicate their music with one another through shared practice and performance. They learn to transcribe their music using standard and nonstandard notation and explore digital musical composition. The weekly Listening Project provides opportunities to talk about the music they hear, form opinions and respect cultural diversity of music and musicians.

In partnership with the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust all children in KS 2 learn to play an instrument over a ten-week period – practising basic musical rhythm and notation as well as relevant instrumental technique. Through shared music making children are inspired to develop a commitment to quality music, they find and foster their talent as a musician, build confidence, explore creativity and experience a sense of achievement.