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Miss Deakin's vision for Croyland Primary School

“This is what we want to be.
The vision explains where the school is heading.
Our vision must motivate us to strive for an improved future.”

On entering Croyland Primary School, I hope you will be made to feel immediately welcome and that your queries and questions are either answered or resolved by a member of the office/pastoral team or one of my senior leaders who are always available at the beginning of each day. The ease and warmth of this initial welcome will be extended and reciprocated by all staff and pupils during your visit. 

As you walk through our school, you will see a well-maintained learning environment that enables pupils to safely engage in their learning; the aesthetics around the building demonstrate the school’s commitment to a personalised curriculum.  Creativity and pupil led learning underpins our pedagogy and our school development. Our displays are a celebration of our unique curriculum, and of class and individual learning journeys; they are a showcase of our school priorities and how we are achieving success.

As you engage with our pupils, they will proudly and confidently tell you of their role in developing school practices that enhance their learning, the environment and keep them safe. They will say that in coming to Croyland, they are taught to think, are listened to, and that their opinions are valued.  They may tell you about wearing coloured hats to ensure that they have thought about something from multiple angles.

On your visit, all pupils and staff will engage with you in a polite and friendly manner.  You will notice that our pupils take pride and confidence in their outward appearance.  You may notice them smartening themselves in the many mirrors that line the corridors. They will tell you though that smartness is not simply about looking smart but moreover, using your brain to help you and others live well in world.

When you question our pupils further on their opinion of the school, they speak of a variety of rich learning experiences that they have enjoyed, many of which that they have been involved in planning and developing.  They will also tell you of the many activities, e.g. Kids Fitness, St John’s Ambulance First Aid training, Charity projects and exciting visits and visitors to the school that help them live well in their community and wider world.  The pupils also talk of teachers, support staff including our play workers and lunch time supervisors that guide them with their learning and help them with their individual worries and needs. They tell you that they enjoy coming to school, that their teachers take them on daily learning adventures and that their teachers notice and take care of them and most importantly, smile at them and make school a special place to be.

Within our classrooms and other learning spaces our pupils naturally show respect and care for each other, as well as for the equipment and resources that they are engaged with.  They value and celebrate each other’s differences and positively share in the strengths and successes that are to be found in one another; these successes are both academic and personal. They have taken on this way of being through an embedded value system and a relentless commitment from each teacher to nurture talent and find the shining light in every member of their class. Some children will tell you about the enrichment activities that school has provided to enable them to flourish further in their learning or transport that has been arranged to enable them to access what they enjoy.

As you walk from classroom to classroom, in every Key stage, you will notice a consistency of practice in classroom organisation and presentation; working walls, maths help desks and reading areas. Teachers display their belief in excellence and equity, raising attainment and closing learning gaps for all pupils, despite their environmental circumstances.   You will see pupils supporting each other with their learning and collaborating together as teachers promote and present opportunities for creative and critical thinking.  You will also notice individual resilience and see children being praised for continual effort.  This approach is the fundamental to the engagement that you are observing.

When observing our pupils learning, you will find that they are motivated and engaged in the opportunities that are provided.  They come to school well-prepared for each day, eager to participate and committed to their learning.  The involvement of parents with daily reading and spelling practice and the support they give their children with home learning projects is recognised and greatly valued.  The commitment of parents is also further demonstrated through the many volunteers that help within the school community. You can rest assured that Spotted Wellingborough and other local social media sites give a positive reflection of parental views and publicly celebrate what is happening in our school, and the active measures the school undertakes to be a participant within the community.

Our pupils understand that they are accountable for their actions and accept the consequences of the choices that they make, knowing that the hindrance of learning and the hurting of others is not tolerated within our school community.  I am proud of their Improving Behaviour Strategy; the “data” speaks for itself. Our school council members will talk to you about how they have  worked within their class councils  to define what a positive attitude to learning looks like and how they have ensured that all pupils understand this definition.  Our Keeping Safe Committee leads pupil initiatives that continue to make Croyland a safe place to be for all children.

During your time in school, please ask about what we now provide to support our parents to support their children’s learning; not simply the craft activities provided by Family Learning, but the projects that enable them to bridge the learning barriers between school and home, with the hope of empowering parents to engage with the curriculum in a creative and fun way and extend learning into the home environment

All school staff, volunteers in our school community and our Governing Body demonstrate openly that they are committed to this vision for the school, of the well-being of all pupils and outstanding academic success for all groups of learners. The natural disposition of my school staff is one of nurture and the provision of personalised support through their high level of professionalism. They ensure that all pupils are both equipped with the basic skills of literacy and numeracy and the ability and knowledge to improve their work yet further. The work displayed and recorded in their books demonstrates their comparable attainment to other, similar aged, pupils. Teachers and other staff talk to you about being well supported professionally in their work whether this is through continuous professional development or simply just knowing that they have colleagues that will actively support them when the days are challenging or the needs of the children upsetting. They tell you that they enjoy working here and are proud to wear their named Croyland sweatshirts.

If you find yourself in our school before or after our school day, you will find children busy widening their learning through their engagement with a variety of extra-curricular activities. I ask that if you notice footballers walking through the school with muddy boots, they are asked to take them off. The cleaning team work tirelessly to ensure that the school is cleaned every night in order that the school is a pleasant place to be every day; our children are continuously reminded who they are and certainly, not to make their job any harder!   

It is my hope that Croyland children leave to go home every day eager to return awaiting the following day. I want Croyland to be the place to be for the children of Wellingborough!

Lucy Deakin