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Key Stage 1 Reading Prompts

Effective questioning really helps develop a child’s reading skills and understanding of what they have read. Below are some examples of prompts to use when your child is reading to you.  Please feel free to ask your child’s class teacher if you require further help or advice with your child’s reading.

To help with general reading skills:

  • Look carefully at the first letter
  • Sound it out (simple words)
  • Does that say ‘my’?  Look at it again.
  • How do you know it says...... (You are wanting him to look at the word and tell you what letters/sounds within the word enable him to work it out).
  • What else tells you that word says eg ‘cat’? (ie ‘c-a-t’  rather than just ‘c’ )
  • Use your picture clues to help you
  • Does that make sense? 
  • What do you think it could be?
  • Check it with the picture clue...are you right? How do you know?
  • Does that look right? Check it!
  • What else could you say to make it sound right?
  • Are you right?  Tell me how you know you are right?
  • You know that word!
  • Run your finger under the word and say it slowly,

To check comprehension:

  • Tell me the story in your own words
  • Where does it say…….. in the text
  • How do we know……..        
  • How do you think she feels?                  
  • Why did that happen?
  • What do you think will happen next?  AND any other questions you feel relevant!

When a child is learning to read, let them get on with it and keep chatter to a minimum until they have finished reading.  After they have read, always praise at least one good thing, and then discuss just a couple of mistakes only.  It’s best not to keep interrupting a child to correct them as this can be affect their understanding of what they have read.  Finally, it’s fine to sit back and let a child struggle over a word…..if they have solved a problem independently; they are more likely to remember that next time.