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Read Write Inc. Fast Track Tutoring  

'Fast Track Tutoring' is provided to pupils in EYFS through to Year 4 who require extra daily practise with reading sounds and words, as well as pupils who require extra daily practices to increase their reading speed. This tutoring is delivered for 10 minutes daily by fully trained staff. This tutoring breaks down the learning into smaller steps to help pupils accelerate their reading progress.  

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start 

In Year 5 and 6 we use a programme called 'Fresh Start,' which is delivered on a one-to-one basis for 25 minutes per day. It supports pupils to learn to read accurately and fluently. It also develops pupil’s comprehension, spelling and punctuation skills. The resources used are age-appropriate, matched to the pupil's increased knowledge of phonics.  

Shine Reading Skills 

Shine Reading Skills is a reading comprehension intervention that provides targeted support for pupils who need an extra boost in order to improve their skills in answering comprehension questions. Pupils attend two 20-25 minute sessions per week. In the first session, the adult and pupils read a text and answer questions as a group. In the second session, pupils read and answer questions more independently. 

It should be noted that children identified for intervention are not always low-achieving pupils. Pupils are identified from a variety of groups and chosen when teaching staff and senior leaders believe they have the potential for further or accelerated progress at a given point.