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Instrumental Lessons

Music is a lifelong skill which opens up a wealth of opportunity - Learning an instrument can build confidence and self-esteem, it is extremely sociable, spiritually satisfying - not to mention fun!

Individual instrumental lessons are provided by a team of visiting teachers from the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT). Lessons are usually shared with another child learning a similar instrument, with 10 lessons of 20 minutes each term.

We are fortunate that Croyland School subsidises all musical lessons taken in school with further financial provision being considered in some cases.

Instruments are loaned out free of charge and lessons are currently charged at £55 three times a year. The teachers may request that you purchase music and/or other accessories to support learning as lessons progress.

Instruments offered in school:

Violin/Viola/Cello/Double Bass



Trumpet/Trombone/French horn/ Baritone

Guitar/Ukulele *loaned instruments do not go home

To register your interest for lessons complete and return a music request form which is available from the school office or by using the link below.

Once received in school, you will be contacted to discuss a starting date and payment details.

All fees are payable in advance. Notifications are shared via parent text reminders and edulink, please act promptly when these are received. Lessons can not begin until accounts are paid in full and in cases of outstanding fees the school reserves the right to remove your child from the list.

Since lessons are pre booked with NMPAT, parents should be aware that one short term’s notice is required IN WRITING to cease lessons. Fees remain payable should this notice not be received by the school office in good time.