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22/05/2020 - Good Morning Year 2 

After today's home learning it is time for the half term holiday with your families. We would just lke to say thank you for all of your hard with the home learning. We have really enjoyed seeing all of your work over the past weeks and you are doing us all proud. After half term, there will be new home learning sheets for you to have a go at and these can be found on the home learning pages on the week beginning the 1st of June. 

We'd still like to hear from you over the half term holiday. So if you, see anything special on a walk, learn a new skill or tried doing something different then make sure you get int touch with your teachers. Have a great holiday, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon. 


21/05/2020 - It's another hot, sunny day ☀️

Hello everyone! It was certainly a hot day yesterday and it looks like it will be the same today. Make sure you have your sunscreen and sun hats on.  Activity challenge - Choose a spot to stand outside in the sunshine and take a look at your shadow. What does your shadow look like? Repeat this at different times during the day to see what happens to your shadow. You could link this to your maths learning of telling the time. 

We hope you have enjoyed watching the video of the teachers showing you their new skills. Continue to send us what skills you have been learning even if you haven't quite mastered them yet. We love to see and hear how you are getting on. 

Have you found a way to help you know how far 2m is? Some of you have been very creative with how to show 2m. Send us your photos so we can take a look. 

Keep going with your practising of your spelling on Spelling Shed. Try to practise the spellings that link to this week's rule. It is called Set 17th May: /er/ spelled with o or ar. Can we take the top spot on the leader board tomorrow🏆? Keep going with your times tables on TTRockstars too! TTRockstars is very clever and knows when you can answer the questions really quickly so it can move you onto new ones.  

Enjoy today! 


19/05/2020 - Good Morning Year 2 

Good morning everyone. The weather looks like it is going to be great over the next few days so make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. You can be safe in the sun by using sun cream and wearing a hat. I've just put my sun cream as I'm off on my bike ride with Mr Carroll. We'd love to see a poster telling us how to stay safe in the sun. You could make it as colourful as you like but don't forget the important information. 

All of you continue to make us smile with the home learning that you are sending through to us each day. The work is always great to see each day and we hope you are enjoying the challenges. Remember to also use the TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed apps as Miss Mitchell will be checking for top spellers on Thursday. 

Keep up the good work. 


18/05/2020 - Sending a morning smile to you all

I hope you have all had a good weekend. Today is the start of a brand new learning grid. This week, along with your maths, writing and reading activities, we have added some art and science activities for you to complete over the week too.

Miss Deakin wrote a message on Friday 15th May all about social distancing. She has challenged you to think of something that is two meters long. Let us know your ideas. You could take a photo of create a picture/poster to show us your ideas. You can take a look at Miss Deakin’s full message here -

We know you have all been busy at home learning new skills. We have loved seeing all of your photos – keep sending them to us as you learn new ones! These photos have inspired the teachers. Just like Miss Deakin has been collecting photos of your new skills, Mrs Gayton has been collecting photos and videos of the teachers’ new skills. Over the weekend she has been very creative with all of the photos and videos. Keep checking Miss Deakin’s page to see what Mrs Gayton has put together for you all. 🎬

Have a good week 🌈


15/05/2020 - World Fairtrade Day 

Have you ever heard of Fairtrade? Do you know what the words Fairtrade stand for? Throughout this week it has been World Fairtrade Day.  My challenge for you is to spend 5-10 minutes of your day finding out about Fairtrade. What does it mean? Who does it affect? Do you have any Fair Trade items in your house? Do you think it's a good idea? 

Here's a video that explains Fairtrade a little bit more:

Finally, well done for everybody for all of your hard work. You are showing all the Croyland values with your home learning tasks. Keep it up, you're all still doing an amazing job and we're incredibly proud of you. 


14/05/2020 - Morning

I have always wondered what my cat gets up to during the day while I am at school with you all. Well now I know! Molly spends lots of time during the day sleeping in different places and finding places to hide inside- particularly bags! What pets do you have? What do your pets get up to during the day? 

Spelling Shed – On the top spot for the second week in a row is Mrs Gayton’s class. Congratulations 1LG! 🏆 

In 1st place is 1LG            2nd place - 1SC           3rd place – 2SM       and        4th place – 2SG

The top spellers this week in 2SG are 🥇Sheylayna, 🥈Sophie and 🥉 Bosco. In 2SM the top spellers are 🥇Gizem, 🥈Amelie and 🥉Leticia. Well done on being the top spellers! 

Will Mrs Gayton's class win 3 times in a row? Can we take the top spot next week? 

We are missing you all very much! We wish you all a very good day. 


13/05/2020 – I wonder…

So far this week, I have seen some great barefoot maps of your local areas, photos of 2D shapes with their names and super stories writing about ‘Something Fishy.’

💭I wonder… what home learning activities you will choose to do today?  Remember to keep practising your timetables, spellings and reading each day.

💭I wonder… what new skill you have been learning? Miss Deakin is collecting photos of everyone’s new skill. Email us your picture of your new skill and we will make sure Miss Deakin receives it so it can go on display at school.

💭I wonder… what you think about this week’s home learning tasks? Get in touch with us to let us know your thoughts.

You are making us smile! 🙂


12/05/2020 - Good Morning Year 2 

Good morning all. We hope you're all safe and enjoying this week's home learning grids. We are still enjoying seeing all of the hard work that you are sending through daily. 

If you are running low on books to read then follow the link below. You can find the colour your child needs to read by looking at the colour of the RWI or reading book in your child's book bag. Keep in touch and let us know which stories and books you have enjoyed.

Finally, I also have a maths challenge for everyone today and it's called IT'S EIGHT!! 

The challenge is to find as many questions that you can that have the answer of eight. You might think of 6 + 2 or 22 -14 for example. I would be very, very impressed if you were able to think of questions that included addition, subtraction, division or multiplication. Perhaps you could have a family challenge and see who in you family could make the most questions in a certain time. 

Enjoy the challenge and keep smiling!