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Home Learning

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday Owls and Robins! Well done, you are nearly at the end of another week of home learning! 

Daily challenge: Writing

Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words. They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.

In the story “Supertato Veggies Assemble” all the veggies become super! Why not make your own veggies at home into superheroes? Grown-ups can supply paper, card/glue to make your own super vegetables. Don’t forget your superhero cape! If you haven’t got anything suitable you could draw your super veggie instead.

                See the source image                              See the source image

Give your super veggie a name. Can you list your veggie’s super powers? What might these be? For example,

1. Super squishing power. 2. Power to make people smile. 3. Super tickler!

I hope you have fun with this task!

We won't be posting any home learning over half term but you can keep going with practising all those life skills you have been learning - tying laces, dressing independently, helping in the kitchen, tidying up, gardening! Look after each other and stay safe. :-) 

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Thursday 21st May

Good morning Owls and Robins. We'd like you to get your thinking caps on today. Can you solve our maths problems?  

Daily challenge: Maths

Children solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Here are some correct and incorrect pea maths for you to help Supertato teach the veggies! Can you tell your grown up why they are wrong or why they are right? Remember you can use practical resources to help you such as lego blocks, buttons, peas.....!

See the source image          6 is bigger than 8                                       See the source image   2 peas and 4 peas is 6 peas altogether

See the source image         2 peas and 2 peas is 4 altogether           See the source image  The number 2 is before the number 5

See the source image        2 is the smallest number                            See the source image  5 peas and 5 peas makes 10 peas altogether

Can you make up your own problem to test your grown up?

Challenge 2: The World

Children make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.

Do you know how else potatoes are super? Well if you plant a sprout potato it grows more potatoes! First you will need to pick a potato that is sprouting – Have a look in your veggie rack. Plant your potato in a big pot or in the garden. If you don’t have soil you can still watch the potato grow by putting it in a jam jar.

                                                                                See the source image

Also did you know if you cut the top off a carrot and put it in a saucer of water you can make its shoots grow – looks a little like its growing hair!

                                                                              See the source image

Good luck and have fun!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Wednesday 20th May

Hello Owls and Robins! Looks like it will be another very warm day. Remember to stay out of the sun during the middle of the day, wear a sun hat and sun screen. We don't want any burnt Owls and Robins! Try and drink more too. :-) 

We have another Supertato story to think about today. Please watch by following the link below:

Supertato Veggies Assemble

Daily Challenge: Physical Development, moving and handling

Children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space.

Race yourself! Why not use your time outside to set your own challenges just like the veggies. Their sports were running, jumping and spinning! Set yourself some challenges. How many jumps on 2 feet can you do in a minute? Get a grown up to set their phone timer. How many on 1 foot? How many spins can you do? Don’t get too dizzy! Can you run on the spot for one minute? Can you race against anyone else in your household?

                                                   See the source image

How does your body respond to the exercise? Can you feel your heart beating faster? Is your body temperature getting hotter?

Challenge 2: Expressive art and design

Children use what they have learnt about media and materials in original ways, thinking about uses and purposes.

Idea 1: Your grown up could cut a potato in half for you. You can then use it to print a pattern using paint.

                                                                       See the source image        

Idea 2: If you haven’t got any paint you could sketch a picture of a vegetable. Can you look closely at it and carefully draw all the details that you can see.

                                                                      See the source image

Have fun and enjoy your day safely :-)

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Owls and Robins. I hope you are all well. I hope you are ready to try some new vegetables. I had aspargus at the weekend. I like it fried in butter but maybe I should try it steamed, it's healthier!

Today’s challenge: Finding ways to solve problems

That evil pea is on the loose! Can you find a way to trap him so he doesn’t cause any more problems? Use your maths skills to make a trap. Remember he is small so what might you have to make sure he doesn’t escape? Could you use a box? Remember we just want to trap him so he will need holes to breathe! Do we need to check he is in there? How will we see?

                                                                                See the source image

See what ideas your child comes up with, will they build a trap from recycled materials, a Lego fortress or trap him in an ice cube tray?? If you don’t want to use an actual pea you could scrunch up a small piece of paper or foil. Have fun!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Monday 18th May

Hi there Owls and Robins. We hope you had a lovely weekend and have been able to get outside. Mrs Lister has been noticing lots of birds in her garden and some cheeky squirrels! Can you be quiet and still long enough to notice any wildlife around when you are out and about?

This week our daily challenges are based on the Supertato books! Click here to hear it first:

Supertato - Books Alive

Daily Challenge: Physical Development – Health and Self-Care

Children are expected to know the importance for good health of physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.

We would like you to have a go at writing a vegetable diary. Can you keep a list for a week of which vegetables you have eaten? Can you try a new vegetable or try eating a vegetable in a different way? For example if you normally have chips, you could try baked or mashed potato.

                                                                  See the source image

Be brave and give something new a try!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Friday 15th May

Give yourselves a big pat on the back for another week of learing. Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick are loving the emails, photos, videos and pictures that you are sending through. I think we should give a big cheer to all of our adults who are keeping us busy and challenged. We are all looking forward to seeing you when school re opens but this ca only be when it is safe - so hang on in there and keep smiling. 

Today we are looking at two new goals for your Friday Daily Challenge...

Self Confidence and Self Awareness:  Children are confident to try new activities and say why they like some activities more than others. They are confident to speak in a familiar group, will talk about their ideas, and will choose the resources they need for their chosen activities. They say when they do or don’t need help.

Speaking: Children express themselves effectively, showing awareness of listeners’ needs. They use past, present and future forms accurately when talking about events that have happened or are to happen in the future. They develop their own narratives and explanations by connecting ideas or events.

Challenge 1: Make yourself a chatterbag/box and decorate with pictures of all your favourite things. Talk to your adult about the things you have learned to do this year. Ask your adult to write these on separate bits of paper... Sort these achievements into different piles - things you feel confident with, things you really enjoyed, things that made you proud, things you would like to do more of, things that you would like some more help with... 

Keep your thoughts in your chatterbag/box ready to bring back to share when we meet again. 

Challenge 2: Practise a couple of sentences and have a pretend chatterbag session with your family at home. Let them ask questions and remember to share your thoughts in sentences. Can you record your talking with a device ( iPad, phone) and share with your teachers? 

Extended time to talk - Talk with each other about how you feel about learning home, what you have liked and what you have missed, what is going to be exciting when we get back to school and what might be a little bit worrying... Remember we all have worries but it is always better to talk about them with our adults at home or school. 

Stay close and stay safe in your families

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Owls and Robins, 

It was a bit chilly yesterday when I went into school to open the cabin for our key worker children. We still managed to play outside with the bats and balls. The children were showing me how they have learned to use the roller skates and to ride bikes without stabilisers. I wonder if anyone in Owls and Robins has some news to share about learning something new? Let us know and we can share it on our web page. 

People and Communities:  By the end of foundation children will be able to 'talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of family members. They know other children don't always enjoy the same thing and are sensitive to this. They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.' 

Our challenge today: The animals in our story enjoyed getting together for a 'Jungle Dance'. Think about a time you had a family get together or party. Talk with your adults about why you had a party... How did you organise the celebration? Who came along to help you celebrate? What did you do ? What was your favourite part of the day? Have you got any souvenirs or pictures around the house that remind of that time? 

Make a scrap book page or poster to remember that special time. 

Extra Challenge : Use the internet with your adults to find out how families from other communities celebrate a birthday, a wedding or another special day. You can use the CBeebies 'Let's Celebrate' link below to help

 Organise a party for your 3 favourite toys. Set the table and make share some food ( raisins, orange segments, biscuits, pretend food or similar) Make sure each toy has the same amount ( sharing equally) How many does each toy have?  What happens if another toy arrives? Will everyone have more or less when you share out ?

Have fun!


Many of you have been asking for guidance and support with phonics practice, reading material and writing ideas. The link below has a wealth of resources to access for free online.

Use the reading tab on the home page to access Read Write Inc Phonics and look for the guide for parents. Set 1 resources  revise early sounds, and set 2 resources  practises more word blending. Use the colour of your reading books at home to steer you to the right level for your child or ask your class teacher if you are unclear. 

Also useful are the dittie pages with captions for reading

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday morning to Owls and Robins. 

Miss Beavis is hoping that you are wide awake in the middle of the week and ready for our next challenge. Ask your adults to read our book again. Can you join in with some of the words ?

Understanding the World: By the end of foundation children should ' know about similarities and differences in relation to places and living things..They make observations of animals and living things, explaining why some things occur and talk about patterns and change'

Challenge 1: Explore the different animals we might see at a Jungle Dance ( use the book as a prompt if you wish) Find a favourite animal and explore some interesting facts. Here are some worksheets to help if you are stuck. Miss Beavis loves Giraffes - did you know they have a long BLUE tongue!

Shape, space and Measure: By the end of foundation children should be able to ' recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them' 

Challenge 2: Explore the patterns you see on animals. We have already seen symmetry on butterflies. How about repeating patterns on tigers, zebras or snakes. Do you see ay other symmetrical patterns ( TOP TIP TO START look at a crab )  

Can you use 2D shapes to make  an animal picture Talk to your adult about the shapes you are using - they are flat- do they have straight or curved sides? How many sides altogether? What about corners? Are some sides the same length or are they all different? What are the names of your shapes?

Extra Challenge: Look around the house for 3d shapes. Explore the language of 3D shape such as solid, faces and edges. Are the faces flat or curved? What are the names of the shapes you find.  Here is a song you might to enjoy...

Count the shapes you find around the house - which was the winner? Why not send an email into Owls or Robins and let us know or

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Tuesday 12th May

How was your music making yesterday? Lots of fun I hope. Music always makes me want to dance so are next challenge will be to hold a 'JUNGLE DANCE'

Expressive Arts and Design: By the end of the year children should be able to make music and dance, and experiment with ways of changing them... represent their own ideas, thoughts and feeling through music and dance'

Literacy: By the end of the year children should be able to use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken language ...write some irregular words and write simple sentences which can be read themselves and by others. Some words are spelt correctly...

Challenge 1: Talk about what you will need for your Jungle dance. Music? maybe snacks and drinks? What day and time will it be? Which room will it be in ( or maybe the garden?)  Who will be invited? What should they wear? 


Make an invitation or poster with all this information on, add some pictures if you like


Challenge 2: Choosing some music... we all have favourites to listen to  but can you find a new favourite...some music you have not heard before - ask you adults to help . Try these links for dancing music, you can copy the dance moves or make your own. Can you dance with a partner or teach someone your new dance?

waltz music


Latin Salsa

Scottish Reel

Have fun and keep dancing!


Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Monday May 11th

Good Morning Owls and Robins

I am looking forward to new activities this week and hope that you will share with us on email some of your learning. Our book this week is 'Giraffes can't dance' by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker- Rees. The story reminds me that it is ok to do things in my own way - I might not find things easy but to be brave and keep trying and you will get there in the end. You can listen to it here

Expressive Arts and Design. By the end of foundation stage children should be able to 'sing songs, make music and dance, and experiment with ways of changing them. They use music in original ways and represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through music, dance, role play and stories'


Daily Challenge: We are going to make our own musical sounds. Look in your kitchen and around the house and find some pots, pans, bottles and boxes that you can use as instruments - use a wooden spoon to play them. Listen to the sounds they make. Which is your favourite sound and why? Talk to your adult about how it sounds... is it high, low bright, dull, loud, quiet, like a bell, clattering, clanging, long or short? Do the sounds change if you use a metal spoon? 


The animals in the book went to the 'jungle dance' Choose your favourite sound and play the sounds x x x  as you say 'jun-gle dance'   Choose more words from the story for example the different animal and find the syllables by playing as you say the words. ( girafee  gi-rafee, rhinos rhi-nos, elephant  el-e-phant) 


You are now making RHYTHMS. Take turns to choose  and play rhythms - ask you adult to copy you and you can copy them. Try playing them at the same time. How about you have a 'musical conversation' Player 1 starts with their choice, player 2 plays something different. You can add different sounds to your rhythms by choosing two instruments for example one high and one low.  

Challenge 2: Music often tells a story or creates pictures in our imagination. 'The Carnival of the Animals' by Saint Saens is a set of pieces depicting different animals. Listen to the 'Elephant' Can you hear the heavy footsteps slowly plodding along. Can you move like an elephant as you listen?  Make your own elephant music using your instruments.

Extra Challenge: Choose your favourite music and talk about what animal might be dancing to it? If it is quick and jolly it might be some cheek monkeys, if it is slow it might be a hippopotamus. Close your eyes as you listen and tell each other what you can hear. Enjoy some dancing!


Friday 8th May

Hello again Owls and Robins! Happy VE day! Are any of you celebrating today? Mrs Lister is going to make VE day cupcakes with her children. There are lots of houses decorated with flags. Hope you have fun and stay safe.

Daily challenge: Health and Self Care

By the end of Foundation stage children are expected to know the importance for good health, of physical exercise, and a healthy diet, and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe.

Pirates aren’t always great at having a healthy diet! Can you draw a healthy lunch for a pirate? What should it include? Can you write a shopping list for the lunch?

For more information on healthy eating you can visit the following websites:
                                     See the source image

Keep going everybody, and please keep emailing us to let us know how you are getting on.

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Thursday 7th May

Good morning Owls and Robins! The forecast is for sunshine today. Make sure you put on a hat and some sun screen if you are going to be outside today. We love hearing what you have been doing so remember to email us with your news. :-) 

The aim of today’s challenge is to get you up and moving!

Daily Challenge: Physical Development

By the end of Foundation stage children  are expected to show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements.

It is time for some pirate games! You need to collect 5 containers of different sizes. You could use empty Tupperware containers, wastepaper baskets, buckets or washing up bowls. Arrange them in a line and label them with numbers 1-5. Now you will need a ball (you could scrunch a piece of foil or paper to make a ball). You need to have a go at throwing your ball into the containers. You get points depending on which container you throw the ball into. How many points can you get if you throw the ball twice? Keep practising and see what the highest total is that you can get with two throws. Can you compete against someone else in your house?


Good luck!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday Owls and Robins! The daily challenge is here!

Daily challenge: Expressive Arts and Design

By the end of Foundation stage children are expected to use what they have learnt about media and materials in original ways, thinking about uses and purposes.

Today we would like you to use your design and maths skills to make a ship that can carry some important pirate treasure! Your challenge is to make a ship that can hold 5 pieces of treasure!

Have a look around the house for something you think will float for example a margarine tub or a plastic bottle or a lid. Grown-ups if you have any corks around these will all help your pirate ship! Think about the design of your ship. Will it have windows? What shape will they be? A good ship will need a mast and a sail. All ships have a name. What will you call your ship? Test out your ship to see if it will hold 5 pieces of treasure. Can you design and make a flag for your ship?

                                 See the source image                            See the source image

Happy constructing!

VE Day learning ideas

With VE day just around the corner, here are some ideas for the children:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a Power Point all about VE day, aimed at our younger children.
  • Make some bunting - you could cut triangles out of paper and colour or paint them red, white and blue.
  • Have a tea party to celebrate - you could make some cakes or scones.
  • Make a paper aeroplane!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Tuesday 5th May

Hello Owls and Robins! We hope Tuesday finds you well. On with the pirate theme!

Daily challenge: Understanding the World

By the end of Foundation Stage children know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. They explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.

We all know pirates like to make their enemies walk the plank. Now it’s your turn ... what can you make walk the plank? Will it float or sink?

Collect a set of objects from around your house to experiment with. Pick a number to aim for, let’s say 10. Find something to use as the sea – you could use the bath or a washing up bowl. If you want to invent an added plank then feel free or they could just walk down your arm.

                                                        See the source image

Make the objects walk the plank. Which ones floated? Make these into one group. Which ones sank? Make these into another group.  How many in each group? Did any of the objects surprise you? Tell us about it!

                                                               See the source image

You might want to pretend to walk the plank yourself by balancing along a straight line like a bit of sticky tape or string. Even a plank in your garden if you have one!

                                                                             See the source image

Have fun pirates!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick

Monday 4th May

Good morning Owls and Robins. We hope you had a good weekend and that you are ready for some more learning ideas. This week our theme is pirates!

Don’t forget you can listen to stories from the Croyland staff on our website:

Also, take time to check out our Keeping in Touch page where Miss Deakin, Mrs Jeffs, Mrs Collins and Mrs Toyer are adding messages and little ideas to keep you busy:

Daily challenge: Expressive Arts and Design

By the end of Foundation Stage children are expected to safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function.

It would be great if you could start your learning by listening to a pirate story. You might have one at home. If not you can listen to The Night Pirates here:

An essential piece of kit for a pirate is a telescope! Think about how you are going to design yours so you can go on lots of pirate adventures.

Take a kitchen roll (or loo roll) to use as a telescope. Alternatively use paper or card, possibly from a cereal box, and roll it up to make a tube. To make this more piratey use your skills in pattern to decorate it. This could be with pens, paints or tape.

                                                            See the source image

Challenge 2: Maths (Shape, space and measure)

By the end of Foundation Stage children are expected to use everyday language to talk about time.

“The Night Pirates” are quiet as mice and stealthy as shadows and the rough, tough pirates are caught fast asleep. You need to practise sleeping like pirates!

Play the game. Pick someone in your house to be the judge. How long can you pretend to be asleep without moving? Can you time this with a phone or put on some music? Can you stay still for the whole song? Swap over, can you use the timer?

                                                                      See the source image

We hope you enjoy the pirate theme!

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Friday 1st May

Merry May Day to all of the Owls and Robins. Did you know that that the first May Day Celebrations were when the Romans thanked the Goddess of Flowers for the beauty of her flowers and the hope and warmth of Summer on its way. Lets celebrate today and think of when we can all get together again. 

You could decorate your house with flowers , pictures, collage or tissue paper ( top tip if you don't have tissue paper use kitchen roll coloured with felt tips) 

Our Final Daily Challenge this week is to have another look at our book 'The Hungry Caterpillar' 

Have a look at the life cycle of the caterpillar as he changes into a butterfly. Here is a video to help...

Make a picture to show the different stages of the cycle ( egg, caterpillar, pupa , butterfly)  NOTE to adults - the book refers to a pupa or chrysalis as a cocoon 

Add some labels to your picture

Extra Challenge - Look at the life cycle of tadpoles as they change into frogs  What is the same as the caterpillar and what is different?

Don't forget to look out for caterpillars and butterflies, frogs egg ( frogspawn) , tadpoles and frogs when you are outside in the garden or at the park. 


Thursday 30th April

Good Morning Owls and Robins...  Every night before I go to sleep I remember three things that have made me smile during the day . What has made you smile this week - why not let us know by email, you could draw a picture of your happy things

The daily challenge for today is to think about all the food the caterpillar ate in our story ( look at Monday for a link to 'The Hungry Caterpillar') 

On Monday he ate through 1 apple

On Tuesday he ate through 2 pears  and so on.  


How many pieces of fruit did the caterpillar eat all together during the week ( Mon-Fri) 

Can you show this in a picture  and add some numbers

The food he ate of Saturday gave him a tummy ache - why did this happen? 

Some food is a healthy choice and some food is a treat. It is important we choose food carefully and only have a treat every so often. Explore  the food you have at home and write a list - give a happy face to healthy food choices . Can you help choose a healthy tea tonight?   

Extra Challenge - What else do we do to keep our bodies healthy?  Make a 'Healthy book' to show some of the things you have explored.


Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick


Wednesday 29th April

Here's hoping that the rain from yesterday will stop ! It was fun though, going for my daily walk in the rain - I had to find my coat and shoes that would keep my feet warm and dry - but I did enjoy jumping in the puddles. 

Did anyone else look for puddles? Look for the differences in the plants, the grass, even the fences in the rain - how does it affect the colours you see? If we are lucky we may even find a rainbow in the sky. 

By the end of the year when exploring the world around them 'Children should know about the similarities and differences in relation to … materials.... they explain why some things occur and talk about changes'

when using materials they will 'explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with design , form and function'

So my challenge for today is to make a bucket that can hold the rain - You will need to be a scientist and an engineer to work out what to do. 

Think about what a bucket does.... what would be the best material to use ( TOP TIP :  you may need more that one material to hold the water safely eg a plastic bag and a box, foil or cling film) ( picture of experiment with the bear and water resistant material)

Start with a test to see which materials will hold water  - if they soak up the water or let it through then think about whether that would be good for the job

Finally, how will you hold your bucket? What will it look like? Can it stand up on its own? How will you fix it together? 


Extra Challenge: 

can you take  a photo using a camera, phone or iPad 

Can you ( with adult help) use email to send the photo to your teacher

Can you make a 'For Sale' poster , include some labels , a caption and a price

Can you write a list of instructions telling us how you made your bucket

Tuesday 28th  April

Congratulations to you all for keeping busy during our time at home... Yesterday I was in the garden and I saw three butterflies... one with white wings, one was black and gold and one was red. When I looked closely I noticed that the wings made a special pattern - they were symmetrical...

Have a look at the link below to find out more about symmetry and symmetrical patterns

Your Challenge for today is to explore symmetry... 

This could be by making shapes that fold in half having a treasure hunt around your home for objects that are symmetrical drawing a house with symmetrical windows and flowers making a pattern with objects or colours.

if you have paints you can create a printed butterfly 1) fold the paper in half and unfold 2) paint one side of the paper in a pattern 3) fold the paper once again and press gently 4) unfold and explore how the colours have printed from one side to the other.


How about a symmetrical pizza for tea? 

let us know what you discover, take photos or make some drawings for us to see

Miss Beavis, Mrs Lister and Miss Berwick




Happy Monday Morning Owls and Robins

The adults have really enjoyed looking at your lovely learning and activities from home, thank you to everyone who is sending photos and messages. It really makes us smile to hear what is going on and to see how busy you are.

By the end of year children should be able to demonstrate an understanding for what they have been reading - 

This week we are going to explore the Hungry Caterpillar, one of my favourite books . If you do not have the book at home you can read it here


The challenge for today is to talk to your adults about the story , remember what has happened in the story. Make a story map to show the main parts of the story.

Choose your favourite part of the story and write a label 

Extra Challenge

This story uses the days of the week  , can you say the days of the week in order ? There are many songs on you tube to help you practise Here is one suggestion

Ask you adults to write the names of the days on paper and muddle them up - work together to put them into the correct order 

Make a poster 'Today is.....' and add the new day every morning before breakfast.


Play dough is simple to make. Combine 100g of salt with 200g of flour, and add drops of hot water until you form a dough. Knead well!

By the end of EYFS, children are expected to be able to…


Count from 1-20, not always starting at 1
Put the numbers in order
Say which numbers are one more and one less
Add and subtract practically using numbers 1-10
Double, half and share to find half


Write their name, including surname.
Use sounds they know to write simple words e.g. hot, chop.Write some tricky words e.g. the, she.
Write a simple sentence which they and others can read e.g. the fish is in the pot.
Not all spelling needs to be accurate, but they must be phonetically plausible e.g. mI bag is hevee.


Can read and understand simple sentences using the sounds we know.
Read some common irregular words e.g. I, my, put, your, the, of.
Can talk about what they have read.