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Home Learning

Our Expectations

At Croyland Primary School, we believe that home learning should complement and consolidate what your child has been learning in the classroom. We have changed our expectation of home learning recently and this is proving to be successful. Home learning is split into two parts: essentials and enrichment


The essentials home learning links directly to the practice and consolidation of key skills within the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths. 

They are to be completed weekly and completion will be monitored on Thursdays by the class teacher. If the essentials are not completed weekly at home, resources will be made available for your child to complete this tasks in their lunchtime.

The essentials include:

  1. Reading Practice

Reading needs to be completed with an adult 3 – 4 times a week. This needs to be acknowledged in your child’s reading journal and a comment made in the ‘parent comment’ box. Please refer to the childs next steps which are set by the teacher each week.

  1. Times tables Practise

Times Times table practice can be completed on T T Rockstars, where the tables will be set individually for your child according to their ability. It is essential that times tables are practised regularly.

  1. Spellings Practice

Spelling shed should be used to practise spellings and 3 games on ‘practise mode’ need to be completed weekly. Spellings are set weekly by the class teacher and are matched with the spellings being taught in class.

We do not specify amounts of time that must be spent on each task, preferring individual children and families to set their own routines.


The purpose of Enrichment Home learning is for you and your child to engage together in school based learning; to explore and learn together and deepen their learning of the topic through you or your family’s interests and experiences.

It will include 9 activities arranged in a grid similar to how home learning is displayed now. The 9 activities will be from a range of curriculum subjects.

The activities will be accessible for all children in the class. We hope enrichment activities will be brought into school. This learning that has grown will be celebrated and shared with the class and throughout the school. Enrichment Learning is to be completed at home.


The creativity of parents and extended family members never fails to amaze us and make Miss Deakin smile.

I am happy to speak with you further to discuss our approach to homework. Children will not receive detentions for not completed enrichment activities however, when we note that essentials tasks haven’t been completed, pupils will be expected to complete these in their lunchtime.

This expectation focusses upon developing good habits for learning which will be upon them as they move to Secondary School.

Thank you for your continued to support with your child’s home learning.