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First Access Music Projects

The National Plan for Music Education states that all children should have the opportunity to experience and play a musical instrument during their time at primary school. We do better than this and projects are planned throughout KS 2.  Our program for 2020-21 promises to be a busy as in previous years with projects running throughout the academic year.  During 2019-2020 many children chose to join continuation projects;eventually graduating to individual tuition throughout the year on their chosen instruments.

We are proud that at Croyland that in addition to our whole class projects we have approximately 50 individual music lessons taking place each week of term supported by teachers from the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust.


Musical Projects Planned for 2020-2021


Term 1-6

Year Group

Year 6


Croyland Ukulele Project

Term 1& 2

Year 3

Violin and Cello

Term 3&4

Year 3


String Continuation

 (subsidised tuition)

Term 3&4

Year 4

Trumpets, Baritones and Trombones

Term 5

Year 4

Brass Continuation               (subsidised tuition)

Terms 1-6

Years 1-6

Classroom instruments ( glockenspiels, xylophones and recorders) used within Curriculum teaching