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Extended Services (Out of Schools)

Childcare and the Extended Day

Where fun, play & friendships matter!

Croyland Primary School’s Out of Schools provision delivers a high quality environment for children to enjoy and learn. Our setting is designed to support our children to develop holistically in a fun, safe, secure, and healthy environment.

Each session provides a wide range of resources and equipment, which allows a variety of activities for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy; including an outdoor area and use of the Multi Use Games Area on site.

Breakfast Club- The children are taken over to the school in plenty of time to pop bags etc away and be ready for learning.

After School Club- The children are collected from classes at the end of their school day.






Breakfast Club


£4.30 per session

Breakfast included

After School Club


£9.00 per session

Substantial snack included

Holiday Club

  • am session
  • pm session
  • all day






£16.00 per session

£17.00 per session

£28.00 per day


Breakfast, snack and drinks

Snack, drinks and afternoon tea

Packed lunch required

For more information on booking, please contact:

School office- 01933 224169

Extended Services Contact Details

Croyland Primary School
Croyland Road
Wellingborough NN8 2AX


tel: 01933 224169 / 07917 310345

A completed registration form is required before bookings can be made. Please use the following link to make a booking and pay for Breakfast and After School Club sessions: