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Early Years Foundation Stage is just the start! Children explore, ask questions and learn to challenge themselves in a safe environment developing into confident individuals who find their own place in the school and wider community.

Our active approach to learning means that children can explore skills through their own interests and curiosities. Adults respond quickly to what they see and hear to offer encouragement and challenge, carefully guiding learning so no opportunity is missed and ensuring that vital skills become embedded into everyday life. Adults observe the characteristics of effective learning in our children and build on these learning behaviours to provide an enabling environment in which children feel safe to challenge themselves, learning resilience and ambition.

A strong focus on quality communication between amongst our adults and children to support understanding and spoken language means that all children have the maximum opportunity to extend their learning across the range of curriculum areas that is EYFS.

Promoting tolerance, and supporting children to regulate their emotions mean they learn to get along with each other in a positive way; individuals flourish in an environment of nurture, growing confidently at their own pace.  

Early reading and writing are introduced through Read Write Inc and our mastery curriculum for mathematics ensures children gain a secure and deep knowledge of numbers and the number system.

We are proud that children leave EYFS with a love of learning and are prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.