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Languages spoken at Croyland Primary School

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

At Croyland Primary School we aim to ensure that we meet all the needs of the children who are learning English as an Additional Language. We value and welcome the cultural, linguistic and educational experiences that pupils with EAL bring to the school. Our aim is to help and support pupils in becoming confident and fluent in speaking, understanding, reading and writing in the English Language in order to fulfil their academic potential.

On their first day at school the EAL specialist teacher ensures that the pupils are settled into their new class and are carefully guided through their first days. The EAL specialist teacher is always on hand to support the pupil, the parents and the class teacher. After the pupils have settled in the school The EAL specialist will oversee the initial assessment of their understanding and speaking of the English Language. This is monitored and assessed on a regular basis.

All EAL pupils follow the school curriculum and bi-lingual resources in different languages are provided by the school depending on the pupil’s ages and level of learning. Support is provided by the EAL specialist where appropriate in the classroom to ensure that the pupils are able to complete tasks given with understanding. Where necessary, 1:1 or small group support may be provided to address specific language or learning focus working closely with the Class Teacher. In addition, opportunities are provided for pupils to engage in speaking and listening activities with peers and adults such as lunchtime clubs and also after school clubs such as homework club to support the pupils with their Homework and also EAL Book Club to support the pupils with their reading.

Jenny Fyffe

At Croyland we have 88 pupils with English as an Additional Language. We therefore have a range of 22 different languages spoken at Croyland Primary School.