Instrumental Lessons

Music is a lifelong skill which opens up many opportunities. Learning an instrument builds confidence and self-esteem, it is extremely sociable, spiritually satisfying - not to mention fun! 

Our individual instrumental lessons are provided by a team of visiting teacher from the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT).  Lessons are usually shared with another child learning a similar instrument, with 11 lessons of 20 minutes each term. We are fortunate that Croyland School subsidises all musical lessons taken in school with further financial provision available for pupil premium children wishing to learn.

Children taking lessons at school are loaned an instrument free of charge from NMPAT and currently pay £45 three times a year. The teachers from the music service will advise you of music and other accessories that may be needed as lessons progress. 

Croyland has enjoyed its busiest year ever with more children than ever taking the opportunity to learn a musical instrument in school. If you wish to take part in this wonderful opportunity of learning see Miss Beavis who can advise and guide you in choosing the right instrument for you.


Lessons currently available include:



Trumpet/trombone/French horn/ euphonium


To apply for lessons you will need to complete and return a music request form which is available from the school office or by using the link below. Once received, lessons will be organised as soon as a space becomes available. You will be informed of your starting date by Miss Beavis. Please be aware that this may mean waiting until a new term begins. To guarantee lessons beginning in September each year, forms need to be returned by May half term.

Since lessons are pre booked with NMPAT, parents should be aware that one short term’s notice is required IN WRITING to cease lessons. Fees remain payable should this notice not be received by the school office in good time.

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