Pupil Voice

In November the children elected their new representatives to form the Pupil Voice Committee for 2016-2017. The children all had the opportunity to vote for the person in their class that they believed had the right qualities to represent them. They had identified that the person needed to be: organised, a good listener, a confident speaker, be fair, be creative and have good attendance.

The Pupil Voice Committee is led by me, Mrs Wright, and we will meet at least once or twice every term. In these meetings the children will provide feedback from their class council meetings, and plan what needs to be done next.

The role of the Pupil Voice Committee is to help the school to develop, and the areas that they will work upon as a team, will be to support the School Development Plan.

The following children were elected to form the Pupil Voice Committee for this year:

Year 2: Nathan Lock, Matthew Boswell

Year 3: Luke Kift, Azhar Musani-Brenchley

Year 4: Chloe Scammell, Mary Frimpong

Year 5: Ola Plata, Brooke Whiteside

Year 6: Morgan Braithwaite, Joy Emmanuel, Aaliyah Dearden, Leah Gross


Mrs Wright

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