Music at Croyland

Welcome to Music at Croyland

At Croyland, we recognise the importance of providing a broad and balanced curriculum and as such, music plays an important part of our learning. Music is a subject which crosses all boundaries and it allows all pupils to develop their skills at their own pace. It is essentially creative and allows a freedom of expression Year groups explore a number of musical aspects in class lessons during the year.

We are a singing school – all children take part in an assembly each week, enjoying songs from a range of musical backgrounds. For the more dedicated singers, there is a school choir who meet each week.

Additionally, in accordance to the National Music Plan, all children in Key Stage 2 are given the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Working in partnership with the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust, we offer a range of practical experiences.  Each year group completes a First Access project, learning as a whole class to play an orchestral instrument. Throughout their time in Key Stage 2 they are introduced to recorders, ukulele or guitars, taking the important first steps in playing music together.

In July 2018 we immersed ourselves in the arts under the umbrella of our Creative Arts Project. 

Over the 10 day project we were able to study and  exploring music, art and design in a higher level of detail than is usually possible than the weekly timetable allows. The results were exciting with each class creating a final composition which they shared with others in the school.

Watch this space for details of our next project.

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